January 2021
Network Event
26 February 2021 - 26 February 2021
Engaging communities who speak English as an Additional Language
A peer learning session to share insights and be inspired by others’ work on engagement with communities who speak EAL during the pandemic.
Network Event
1 March 2021 - 1 March 2021
Virtual cuppa - Meet someone new in the Law Centres Network
Mark the Connect day in Wellbeing Week by grabbing your lunch or a cuppa and spending 20 minutes meeting somebody new from the network.
Network Event
4 March 2021 - 4 March 2021
Client involvement (repeat session)
Explore how you can meaningfully involve people who have been your clients, or others with 'lived experience', in your law centre.
Network Event
10 March 2021 - 10 March 2021
Providing advice online
Advice sessions have now turned digital. This workshop will cover best practice tips for providing advice online.
Network Event
18 March 2021 - 18 March 2021
Training on Education and Health Care Plans (EHCPs)
This training will provide an overview of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) for children with Special Educational Needs.