March 4th 2013

Is support for 16- and 17-year-olds adequate? New LCN briefing

LCN's Young People's Programme has just published a new briefing on the way that local authorities support 16- and 17-year old young people who are homeless.  The review, conducted with the a...

March 3rd 2013

Cross Street Law Centre has to reduce services due to legal aid cuts

As changes to legal aid come into effect this April, Cross Street Law Centre will no longer offer drop-in advice to people who have benefits, debt, housing or employment issues.  Visit the New...

March 3rd 2013

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC comments on Camden Law Centre cuts

The founding chairman of the free legal service, based in Prince of Wales Road, told the New Journal the cuts would have a devastating impact on poor and disadvantaged people.   

February 18th 2013

Avon and Bristol Law Centre secure legal justice for disabled client

Will Stone at Avon and Bristol Law Centre has won this case against Atos who are contracted by the govt to assess people’s disabilities for welfare benefits purposes.  Read the stor...

February 18th 2013

Manchester Legal Aid in Crisis meeting: ‘We need to come together’ says Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop gave a speech to the Advice in Crisis Conference last weekend. She raises many issues of importantabout the post-LASPO world.   You can read an edited version of the spe...

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