'Urgent attention' required to lift ban on NfP's charging recommends Legal Services Board

Friday, December 7th 2012

This week marks good news for those Law Centre's looking to ask some of their clients to pay for legal services.

Current regulatory controls prohibit not-for-profits from charging clients for legal services but the Legal Services Board this week, recommends the ban should be lifted 'particularly in light of the sector's desire to seek new and innovative ways to serve their user communities'.

Speaking to Legal Voice, LCN's Director Julie Bishop emphasised that whilst every Law Centre's mission is to provide a free service to disadvantaged people who can’t afford a lawyer, at least 10 Law Centres are looking to pursue a charging model to ensure that 'good NFP quality expertise is still available in areas that are going out of [legal aid] scope'.

To read the article and further comments from Julie on this issue, please visit the  Legal Voice UK website