Three Law Centre nominees shortlisted for excellence awards

Friday, May 22nd 2020


The Law Centres Network is celebrating the shortlisting of three of its own for the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year (LALY) awards 2020.

The annual awards, organised by the Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG), recognise excellence among lawyers and practices that doing publicly-funded legal work.

The LALYs are important as they focus on legal work that is at the forefront of securing justice to all. Clients of public-funded work are disadvantaged and often vulnerable, so public funded legal assistance is a unique lifeline for them.

The three Law Centre nominees shortlisted are:

  1. South West London Law Centres - in the Legal Aid Firm/Not-for-Profit category
  2. Siobhan Taylor-Ward (Merseyside Law Centre) - in the Legal Aid Newcomer category
  3. Mike Norman (Bristol Law Centre) - in the Social Welfare category

Nimrod Ben-Cnaan, head of policy and profile at the Law Centres Network, said:

"Law Centres pride themselves on their professional excellence, so we are delighted at this appreciation of our colleagues and their work. In tough economic conditions, and now under the pandemic restrictions, they are going the extra mile to maintain local legal assistance for the many people in need across the country."

Winners will be announced in an awards ceremony on 7 July. This year, due to public health restrictions the ceremony will be 'virtual' and take place online. We will be crossing our fingers!

Click here for the LAPG announcement and the full list of LALY finalists.