South West London Law Centres volunteers win Mayor's civic award

Thursday, October 19th 2017

SWLLC volunteers and CEO with Mayor of Croydon

South West London Law Centres' Wednesday Croydon Legal Advice Clinic volunteers have won the Stronger Together award at the Mayor of Croydon Civic Awards 2017.

The award, presented at the Hilton Croydon on 17 October 2017, recognises the volunteers' dedication and willingness to give back to their community every week at SWLLC's Croydon branch.

The volunteers were commended for offering free, high quality legal advice to people from all walks of life who find themselves in complicated legal situations, that make them feel hopeless and at times desperate. One client hailed this as a

“Great service, because it has made me feel like a human being again! I wasn’t being taken seriously before I came to visit you”

One of the volunteer solicitors explained her motivation:

“Pro bono is something close to my heart and, if I had my way, that’s all I would do, because it makes a real difference to those clients who would otherwise not have access to experienced and committed lawyers”.

The Law Centre also expressed its thanks for the support of the reliable and capable volunteer team. It currently runs up to 15 legal advice clinics like this one across 5 London boroughs, providing high quality, free legal advice to people who could not otherwise afford it.

Volunteers help SWLLC supplement its diverse in-house services and help more people. This is of vital importance when demand rises quickly, as has been the case recently with legal advice in housing law. 

Well done to SWLLC and its volunteers: you do Croydon proud and you do us proud!