Sheffield Law Centre helps woman win discrimination compensation

Tuesday, May 28th 2013

Janice Campbell has won damages of £7,500 from travel company Thomas Cook with the help of Douglas Johnson of Sheffield Law Centre. 

Caught in a mass evacuation of 1,600 customers following civil uprising in Tunisia, Mrs Campbell, who has a disability, suffered pain and distress in quequing standing up for hours on end, when no allowances were made for her condition. 

Mrs Campbell later commented:

"I couldn’t have managed on my own as a lot of what went on in the court was totally unexpected. Now that legal aid is no longer available, it is going to be very difficult for an ordinary person like myself to achieve a successful outcome.”

Mrs Campbell's case was funded by legal aid but comes at no cost to the taxpayer as Thomas Cook was compelled to cover the case's costs.

Click here to read the story in full on the Sheffield Law Centre website or open the Law Centre's press release below.

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