Looking back at an unforgettable year

Wednesday, January 6th 2021


On 14 December 2020, the Law Centres Network marked the end of a challenging year with a virtual version of its annual conference. Coinciding with this, the 2019-2020 annual review was launched.

This latest review is entitled Rising to a Formidable Challenge Together and, much like the title suggests, it notes the immense efforts made by LCN in response to the issues that have arisen from the coronavirus pandemic.

The review lays out the following three goals that were set by LCN to rise to the challenge posed by Covid-19:

Goal 1: Resilient and effective Law Centres

Goal 2: A resilient and effective LCN, initiating strategic project

Goal 3: Stronger collective profile and voice

The review goes into detail about the enormous strides that LCN have made in order to meet these goals. This includes meeting with every Law Centre, offering weekly support meetings to Law Centre managers, raising £6 million of funding for Law Centres, representing Law Centres at all key forums during the pandemic and increasing our social media reach.

Along with these ventures, this year, LCN also transformed its annual conference to a virtual format which allowed Law Centres from across the country, and influential speakers from across the world, to come together to listen, learn and discuss new ideas in a safe way. This year’s conference was entitled Activist Lawyers in a Changing World and it has received very positive feedback.

Alison Lamb, CEO of RCJ Advice, said:

"Just wanted to say, you delivered one of the best conferences this year. I got so much out of it, great speakers, really useful content – and allowing chat should be a requirement of all gatherings – creates a great community. LCN is in a great place.”

Lindsey Poole, Director of Advice Services Alliance, said:

"Wonderful event. Thank you LCN. Always the highlight of my year and even more so this year."

Fittingly, this year’s annual review was also launched at the conference to recap and mark the end of an extraordinary year.


Read the full annual review here

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