Law Centres help compensation investigation

Friday, February 7th 2014

So an Employment Tribunal has found in your favour and awarded you compensation. But why doesn't the employer pay out? Following Law Centres' suggestion, the upcoming edition of the 'Radio 5 Live Investigates' programme will be focussing on this issue.

Several Law Centres have spotted a worrying trend of people who have successfully gone through the difficult process of challenging their employers in tribunal - only to be left waiting for what they were due. 

Mike Donoghue of Bradford Law Centre has raised this with BBC5Live and they have taken up the issue. Their investigation features interviews with some of Mike's clients, as well as lawyer Will Stone of Avon and Bristol Law Centre and some of his clients. ‎ ‎

The programme will first be aired at 11am on Sunday 9th February, and the tribunals investigation will feature at around ‎‎11.30am. 

If you cannot listen in live, the programme will then be available on BBC iPlayer - click here for more