Law Centre solicitor gets justice for unsuitably housed mum of three

Friday, December 21st 2012

A mother of three from Croydon turned to South West London Law Centres for assistance after being let down by Croydon Council.

After being the victim of repeated attacks at her council home, one of which led her to lose her unborn baby, the woman turned to the council for help. The council took five months (instead of the statutory 33 days) to look into her request to be moved to alternative housing. Once she was moved, she and her three children were made to stay at inadequate B&B housing. When she complained about the state of her flat, she was evicted and resorted to 'sofa surfing'. 

With the help of a Law Centre solicitor, the woman complained to the Local Government Ombudsman, which found in her favour, awarded her compensation and published a damning report of the case. 

The story was also covered for television by BBC London News.