Kirklees Law Centre Wins Bedroom Tax Case for Dewsbury Couple

Monday, August 18th 2014

Law Centres are continuing to fight Bedroom Tax decisions on behalf of their clients, and have recently won another such legal challenge. 

Ann Gresham, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, has a disability and uses a wheelchair, and her husband Kevin has quit his job to care for her. They have been living in a council flat that has been adapted to Ann's accessibility needs.

Following government's welfare reforms, and with no change to their circumstances, the couple were told to move to a smaller property or face a reduction to their benefits. As Kevin Gresham said, "It wasn't right, they're punishing Ann for breaking her back and punishing me for having to give up work to look after her."

Kirklees Law Centre took up the Greshams' case and helped them appeal the bedroom tax decision. The appeal was successful, meaning that the couple would not need to move and still not have their benefits cut. 

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