Harrow Law Centre success in stopping council tax hike for vulnerable people

Thursday, November 13th 2014

Harrow Law Centre is celebrating its success in campaigning with Harrow Council to scrap council tax hikes for vulnerable people in the north-west London borough.

Harrow Council had been consulting on proposed cuts to services as well as a mooted council tax rise of 30% targeted at poor and disabled local residents of the borough. 

Recently the Supreme Court ruled that a similar council cuts consultation at the London borough of Haringey was unlawful because unfair. Harrow Law Centre has argued that, in light of this ruling, Harrow Council should reconsider its 'near identical' plans. 

The Law Centre, together with other local groups and individuals, petitioned Harrow Council to drop its tax rise. This week, the council has announced that it is abandoning its plans

Jo Silcox, legal adviser at Harrow Law Centre, said: 

"The most vulnerable of our community are easy targets because they are the least likely to complain. This petition is important because it gives a voice to the powerless and the voiceless."

Her colleague, Law Centre solicitor Sebastian Lettouche, said: 

“We are pleased to hear that Harrow will no longer be going ahead with the proposed cuts.”