Fundraiser raises a Law Centre solicitor's annual salary

Friday, March 12th 2021


In just over two months, over a thousand generous people have donated a £29,000 to support Law Centres.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in February 2020, Adam Wagner, a Human Rights Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, has been tirelessly dissecting over sixty iterations of the UK government’s Covid-19 regulations on his Twitter account, podcast and YouTube videos. In this work, Wagner has been breaking down often complex, and ever-evolving, legislation and rules into a simple and accessible format.

Wagner conducts this work for free and, through it, has been helping the public to better understand their rights and obligations in the special situation in which we find ourselves. He explained:

“I had lots of people asking me how they could thank me for the free explanations on the COVID-19 laws. I wanted to choose a cause which fit with what I was doing – basically giving out free legal advice to people who need it and wouldn’t necessarily go to a lawyer. Law Centres seemed the perfect cause and one which I know is needed more now than ever, during a pandemic which has impacted on all of our lives, but particularly those who are already disadvantaged.”

Wagner began his fundraiser just before Christmas 2020. Initially, the fundraiser target was set at £1,000. As this was quickly met, he set a new, higher target, and repeated this when targets were met. The latest target was £29,000, which is the average annual salary of a junior Law Centre lawyer. Now that the target was met, and while he continues to explain Coronavirus rules, Wagner intends to continue asking supporters to back Law Centres.

To add your support to this fundraiser, please follow the link below to Adam’s fundraising page. If you can, we urge you to make your gift a monthly contribution, to support the ongoing efforts of Law Centres to strengthen people and communities as we recover from the pandemic. Thank you!


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