Double celebration in Cardiff with a new Law Centre

Friday, May 10th 2019

Jo Stevens

Local MP Jo Stevens congratulates the new Law Centre [image: Speakeasy Law Centre]

The Welsh capital Cardiff hosted a double celebration on Thursday night as local advice organisation the Speakeasy celebrated its 25th anniversary - as well as its induction to the Law Centres Network, becoming Speakeasy Law Centre. 

Cardiff was formerly served by one of the UK's first Law Centers, in Adamsdown, but it has had to shut in 2016 following severe public funding cuts, including to legal aid. Since then, Wales was left with no Law Centre. 

The induction of the Speakeasy into the Law Centres Network as its 44th member, then, is a renewal of the Law Centre presence in Wales, and strengthens the Law Centre presence in the west and south-west. 

Local MP Jo Stevens (pictured above) said: 

"As a former solicitor, I know first-hand what years of cuts to legal aid have meant - causing severe difficulties for many people trying to access justice. This is why the work of the Speakeasy is so vital."

Law Centre director Warren Palmer said: 

"We are delighted to join the Law Centres Network as we recognise the great work done by Law Centres across the UK. For 25 years the Speakeasy has helped some of the most vulnerable in our society and we see a kindred spirit among the other Law Centres. 

"Free legal advice is indispensable for people in financial difficulties, facing eviction or who have lost their job. As we work hard to provide such a service in Cardiff, we look forward to working with the Law Centres Network and receiving its support."

A warm welcome to our newest member, and here's to their next 25 years in the good service of their community!