Brent Community Law Centre prevents activist's deportation to Syria

Friday, October 26th 2012

Alice Cunliffe from Brent Community Law Centre was mentioned in Wednesday’s Independent, warning that the Home Office will “have blood on their hands” if they send her client, a Syrian political activist, back to his home country.

She argued his life would be at risk as the Syrian embassy is compiling information about prominent dissidents in the UK.

“It’s crazy to remove people back to Syria”, said Alice. “There’s absolutely no doubt they would be at serious risk from the very fact they are being handed back by the British authorities.”

Britain is understood to be only country in the E.U. still carrying out enforced removals to Syria. Amnesty International said it was “deeply alarmed” over the moves to expel this man and urged Britain to stop sending asylum seekers back to Syria.

The number of Syrians claiming refuge in the UK has leapt from around 10 per month to more than 100 per month since civil war broke out in spring 2011.

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