Avon and Bristol Law Centre launches new discrimination advice service

Wednesday, October 16th 2013

On Friday 11th October Avon and Bristol Law Centre launched its new and exciting ‎project to help Bristol residents challenge discrimination in employment and ‎access to goods and services.‎

Funded by Bristol City Council, the service offers Bristol residents legal advice, ‎representation and support in all the protected characteristics including age, ‎disability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, ‎gender reassignment and marriage and civil partnership.‎

The launch event was attended by representatives from Bristol City Council, local ‎voluntary sector agencies, the press and other stakeholders. A ‎presentation on ‘Digital Exclusion’ from Bristol Older People’s Forum outlined ‎some of the challenges and exclusion faced by older people, which prevents them ‎from fully participating in their communities and so puts them at a ‎disadvantage. ‎

The service aims to tackle discrimination amongst vulnerable groups, and improve ‎the experience of Bristol residents who may be facing unfair treatment at work, in ‎education, healthcare or in other areas.

As part of Bristol City Council’s ‎commitment to improving the experience of its population, the Council and the ‎Law Centre have in place a protocol for resolving complaints against the ‎Council when local residents approach the Law Centre about discrimination ‎or unfair treatment. ‎

To access the service for non-employment enquiries: please ring ‎‎0117 916 7704. ‎For employment related queries, please call: 0117 916 7727. The lines are open ‎Tuesday 4 – 6pm ‎and Wednesday 10am – 12noon.