August 1st 2013

Law Centre warns of many more evictions for Hackney tenants

Ever-rising London rents combined with the recession and and its means that as many as five Hackney Residents a day face eviction, Hackney Community Law Centre has warned. The Law Centre has told ...

July 15th 2013

Sheffield Law Centre receives High Court backing to proceed with judicial review over nursery cuts

Sheffield Law Centre are in the press again with their permission to seek Judicial Review of their local Council’s decision to cut nursery places.

July 2nd 2013

Mixed fortunes: two Law Centres lauded as a third succumbs to funding cuts

The sad news of the closure of Birmingham Law Centre has come just as two other Law Centres were being celebrated for their work.  This year Islington Law Centre and Coventry Law Centre were ...

June 25th 2013

Birmingham Law Centre announces closure

This morning Birmingham Law Centre has announced that it is now closed, leaving Britain's second city without a Law Centre. The Law Centres Network is saddened by these news. It is a sad day ...

June 10th 2013

Islington Law Centre shows who will lose out in legal aid cuts

Last week saw the end of the consultation period on proposals for yet more cuts to legal aid. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed receiving over 13,000 responses, including ones from the Law Cent...

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