July 28th 2022

Lawyers aside: Harrow Law Centre expands its approach to community justice

The UK’s cost-of-living crisis is driven in no small part by a housing crisis. Millions of households are unable to buy their home; instead, they are forced to live in overpriced rented prope...

July 4th 2022

Another great year for a Law Centre service making even more of a difference

Legal advice does not only help individuals overcome problems, but also benefits society and the state. A Law Centre project that decisively proves this argument has just shared more evidence of th...

June 23rd 2022

A Rights Removal Bill: our response to the government's human rights plans

Yesterday (Wednesday), the government published what it calls the Bill of Rights Bill. With it, the government intends to repeal the Human Rights Act and place new restrictions on courts and the pu...

June 1st 2022

Government announces changes to Housing Legal Aid

Yesterday, the Ministry of Justice announced that it will implement changes to legal aid for certain housing problems that it had consulted on last winter. Importantly, the policies impl...

May 24th 2022

LCN welcomes the launch of Black Equity Organisation

News of the launch today (Tuesday) of a new national civil rights organisation for Black people in the UK was welcomed by the Law Centres Network.  The organisation, named Black Equity Organi...

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