Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre Annual Report 2016-17

Kirklees CA and LC Annual Report 2016-17Download[786 KB]

Southwark Law Centre Annual Report 2016-17

Southwark Law Centre Annual Report 2016-17Download[1.36 MB]

Hackney Community Law Centre Annual Report 2016-17

Hackney Community Law Centre Annual Report 2016-17Download[2.83 MB]

Derbyshire Law Centre Annual Report 2015-16

Derbyshire LC Annual Report 2015-16Download[3.15 MB]

The True Cost of Austerity: Advice Nottingham

How do government's austerity policies look at a local level? How have changes since 2010 affected Nottingham and its disadvantaged residents? This report, published in December 2015, takes stock of policy changes, such welfare reform and localisation, and their accumulated effect on local people.

It does so through the perspective of advice services - including our Nottingham Law Centre, which is a partner in Advice Nottingham. As such, it also captures the rising demand for their services, as well as their increasingly limited ability to meet the need for help. The report also features a foreword from the Guardian's social policy editor, Patrick Butler. 

The True Cost of Austerity reportDownload[790 KB]

'A Place to Call Home': Hackney Community Law Centre

What kind of housing must London's children in need endure? This new report from Hackney Community Law Centre and the Hackney Migrants Forum raises some serious concerns in the light of truly alarming findings.

The report questions the adequacy of accommodation in which local authorities put up families with children. It also looks at whether local Children's Services departments are failing the children they are mean to protect by their inaction on living conditions. It also recommends practical steps for local authorities and others to improve their practices and, through them, the welfare of these vulnerable children. 

A Place to Call HomeDownload[7.73 MB]

South West London Law Centres Annual Report 2014

Published in their annual general meeting on 17 March 2015.

SWLLC Annual Review 2014Download[906 KB]

Ealing Law Centre - Project for Registration of Children as British Citizens

Research Report: Systemic Obstacles to Registration

Ealing Law Centre-PRCBC Research Report 2014Download[1.47 MB]

Derbyshire Law Centre

Annual Report 2013-14

Derbyshire Law Centre Annual Report 2013-14Download[2.07 MB]

Children in an Age of Austerity

Report from Advice Nottingham

Advice Nottingham is the city's local advice partnership, in which Nottingham Law Centre takes a central role.

In May 2014, Advice Nottingham published a report reflecting insights on the impact of welfare reform on local children and their families.

Click below to download the report or click here for a shorter presentation summarising its findings [in PDF]

Advice Nottingham - Children in an Age of AusterityDownload[1.25 MB]

Making the Law Work for Deaf People

A report commissioned by RAD Deaf Law Centre in summer 2012, 'Making the Law Work for Deaf People,' revealed how young Deaf people are often unaware of their legal rights and the services available to help them should they need legal advice.

The report found that, in addition, and all to often, those who work with young Deaf people are also unaware of how to help them secure their rights and services leaving young Deaf people unable to secure appropriate advice when needed.

Making the Law Work for Deaf PeopleDownload[2.01 MB]