Championing Law Centres and their clients

We represent Law Centres at all levels of government and in national forums. We collect and share information, lobby and campaign to influence public policy in the interest of our clients and communities.

Law Centres are high quality legal resources for their local communities, and we work to have their role and impact recognised nationally. We also champion the Law Centre model of free and independent legal advice and representation targeted at those most in need.

Membership support

We help our members to be as sustainable as possible by providing a range of support and development services. We advise Law Centres on law and procedure relating to legal aid and legal services. We also provide training on topics such as improving organisational strength, management and governance.

One of our most important tasks is helping set up new Law Centres. We support the formation of steering groups and then Management Committees for new Law Centres. We advise them on funding, relevant policies and procedures and assessing local needs.

Helping Law Centres to help more people

We aim to expand Law Centre services through innovative projects that cover new areas of law or are aimed at new client groups. Once a service is developed we invest in replicating it among Law Centres by providing information, training and consultancy services.

Along with our help, it is important that Law Centres work together, collaborating on service delivery as well as sharing good practice. We encourage formal and informal networking through regional forums, joint funding bids and other links.