The Law Centres Network team

We have a small team of dedicated staff members with diverse backgrounds. Members of the team include:

  • Alex Charles, IT & Digital Officer
  • Cristina, Administrator
  • Emily MacLoud, Digital Development Lead
  • Gina Braithwaite, Policy & Profile Intern
  • Jayne Butler, Head of Income and Development
  • Jenny Antonsson, Community Development Officer
  • Julie Bishop, Director
  • Kath Whitakker, Community Engagement Officer
  • Katy Curry, Development Team Intern
  • Laura Chilintan, Projects Manager
  • Madeline Denny, Community Engagement Officer
  • Nathan FitzPatrick, Learning and Transformation Lead
  • Nika Narkeviciute, Junior UX Designer
  • Nimrod Ben-Cnaan, Head of Policy and Profile
  • Simon Brown, Development Consultant
  • Tara Mariwany, Admin Assistant