'My Mobility Mentor' Project

Migrants’ Mentoring Project at LCN

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The Law Centres Network was part of a one year, EU-funded pilot project titled “My Mobility Mentor”. The project assessed the impact of a needs-focused approach to support on 30 newly arrived migrants from Bulgaria and Romania in the UK.

The pilot had set out to measure the difference that more focused support would make to helping newly arrived migrants settle into their new life in the UK. It then compared this with a control group of migrants receiving no support or mentoring. The project also included similar work done with A2 migrants in Italy and Belgium. 

Participating migrants were recruited in Bulgaria and Romania prior to their departure, and were prepared for the move with information about their receiving country. Upon arrival, the migrants were provided with more specific information, focused on their needs as new arrivals: how to find work where they are based, how to register with GPs, how to find support agencies, or what to do if things go wrong.

The project also developed an online hub of dedicated information, with a forum for exchange between project partners and migrants. This has helped track the migrants' progress on an ongoing basis and allowed them to share experiences and insights with one another. 

The project's mentoring aspect was in the bespoke support that the migrants received,  including, where possible, one-to-one support. One example is the project's practical guide, available in a range of languages; download the English version below.

MMM Practical Guide - ENDownload[1.01 MB]