There are currently 40 Law Centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. To see where these centres are based, take a look at our interactive Google map.

The name ‘Law Centre’ stands for high-quality, free legal services. It is a trademarked name, so an organisation in the UK cannot be called a Law Centre unless it is a full member of the Law Centres Network, or it has received our prior approval.

The spread of Law Centres across the country is uneven, and relies on local initiatives. If you do not have a local Law Centre where you are, why not consider setting one up? 

Become a Law Centre

We set the bar high for being a Law Centre. We have minimum criteria for membership (below), which include providing a core free service operated by lawyers in a way that is accountable to the local community.

We help appropriate groups and organisations become Law Centres. So, if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

LCN Minimum Criteria for Membership 2019Download[113 KB]

Become an Affiliate

There are other ways to support our work, even if your organisation does not meet our minimum criteria for full membership.

If you are a university or college law clinic, you can apply to become an Affiliate. Affiliates cannot take the Law Centre name but still share our values and a passion for social justice.

For more information, or for other ways to link up with us, please get in touch.